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decorating for Christmas

I absolutely love decorating our home for Christmas!


We moved into this house a week before Christmas last year and before any of the furniture was arranged, Aaron had this 12 foot tree in our living room. I’ve decided our house looks incomplete without the tree 😝


Since the girls were gone on Black Friday, which is when we usually put up our Christmas décor, we postponed the festivities until Saturday afternoon. One thing I love about toddler-hood is how I have to think of simple ways to explain why we do what we do or why something is. It’s challenging at times, but I like it. The way I explained why we were going to decorate for Christmas was, “Jesus’ birthday is coming up and we’re going to decorate to celebrate it, just like we decorated for your birthday.” Not bad 😉



Aaron did a great job streaming lights in our sun-room and Rylie loved helping putting the ornaments on the tree. Emmaline was great at giving moral support 😛








The girls love having the Christmas decorations out and I love the way it naturally brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart.




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