being emmaline, being rylie

random photos of rylie + emmaline – november 2018

There are fewer “random photos” than normal – partially because most of the photos fit inside of a post I shared, but also because the girls being sick took up half the month and how many pictures can you take of sick babies!? :/

So here are the random photos I got of the girls in November.




Girl Gang


When you’re excited about having matching shirts 😃 Aaron sent me this photo and I rushed home from work and changed into my shirt too so we could take a couple pictures! This also birthed my post “I’m a girl mom, and this is my girl gang.”


Birthday Walks


I’ll never get over the sweetness of them holding hands ❤


Warm & Cozy


The temperature dropped significantly this month, which means warm coats, hats and blankets.


Sick Kisses


Emmaline had a really rough couple weeks with bronchiolitis. This meant lots of cuddles and kisses. And of course Rylie was right there to give her sister some love too.


Holding Her Own Bottle


Whoop whoop! Emmaline doesn’t consistently hold her own bottle, but she does it every now and then. Hey, I’ll take it.


Happy Sick Girl


After being sick and miserable for 2 weeks, I was happy to see some smiles out of this girl.


Sister Cuddles


I mean, how cute is this ❤


Daddy Doing Hair


Rylie wanted her pigtails taken out, and Daddy was more than happy to help. What you don’t see in this picture is that Rylie is watching football while this is happening, which I think makes it even more funny 😝


Woddy + Buzz


Amberlyn took Rylie with her to work (at church) and the decoration for At The Movies were up. They walked down the kids hallway which had BB8, superheroes, puppies + more and out of all that, Rylie found Woody & Buzz and yelled “WOOOOOOOODDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYY” while running down the hall towards him. She was more than happy to smile for a picture with her favorite friends.


Bedtime Reads


books shown: That’s Not My Owl || Taller and Shorter

Books before bedtime is probably one of my favorite parts of the day.



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