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being shaver kids || November 2018

Rylie turned 2, and then was sick for 2 weeks and now I feel like I have a grown up toddler. She is saying more and more words (we’re working on stringing the words together instead of her just saying one word and implying we know the rest of her sentence), learning like crazy and playing pretend 24/7. I’m also noticing that Rylie is starting to have “favorite things.” This month it’s Woody from Toy Story, her wooden kitchen and playing “night night” which basically is us pretending to be asleep.


When I say “everything is going into Emmaline’s mouth right now,” I mean it. We cannot seem to keep things from going into that girl’s mouth, so I’m thinking she’s teething. Now that she is feeling better, she is so happy, energetic and loves to sit and play with Rylie and the wooden kitchen set.


These two are such a joy and Rylie absolutely loves playing with Emmaline. Sister is pretty tolerant, but we’re working on teaching Rylie how to share when Emmaline has something she wants and that forcing Sister to play “night night” is not okay hahaha.


Enjoy November’s “being Shaver kids” video!

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