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thankful thursday #49

Something I absolutely love about this season is how extra cozy our home feels. If I was going to describe my year-round home decorating style, I would say “cozy.” But when the Christmas decor comes out, it’s just feels extra homey to me.

Anyway, don’t be surprised if these last couple Thankful Thursdays are Christmassy and homey 😉


Well, let’s get into it.

Thankful Thursday #49


  • Chick-Fil-A


How could I get to December and not have one shout-out to Chick-Fil-A?

It was a rough week at work. I’m talking tears in the car on the way home rough. So when Friday came, which was also Pay Day and I didn’t have time that morning to pack a lunch, I justified my purchase by saying, “it was a really tough week. And it’s Pay Day. I deserve this.”

Oh Chick-Fil-A, thank you for your goodness 😀


  • Bread Machine


Story time 😉

I decided a couple months ago that I really want to start adding to my skill-set, and I had the idea that it could be cool to learn how to make bread. This was intimidating to me, but I still wanted to learn how to do it. I knew that bread machines were a household item that a lot of people ended up giving away for free, so I planned to patiently wait until I came across one for free and snag it then.

Randomly one evening, Aaron asked me if I would be interested in learning how to make bread, and I quickly said, “yes! I’ve actually been wanting to.”

Our family was browsing a thrift store on Friday night (11.30.18) and Aaron found a bread maker in great condition. He plugged it in and it seemed to work, so we purchased it for $15 (brand new it is $100). I was so excited I was laughing at myself.

The next morning Aaron ran to the grocery store while the girls were still asleep, so I looked up some recipes to make bread and was shocked at how little ingredients it took – most of which I already had! There was one item (yeast) that was not in our cupboards, so that was added to the list.

Since we purchased the bread machine less than a week ago, we’ve made 3 loafs of bread. Our first loaf was okay, but extremely plain. Our second loaf has been our best so far and was consumed in 2 days. Our third loaf is okay, but not as amazing as the second, so I can tell it’s going to be a learning process to find that perfect recipe, but I am so excited! 😀


  • At the Movies Series Finale


So thankful for this series and the incredible teams that worked tirelessly to create an atmosphere for new people to be introduced to Jesus. So thankful my family got to play a part in it all.


  • Book Advent


Remember when I was posting about Christmas in October? Well this is the product of that preparation. Our Book Advent started on Monday (12.3.18 – because I only have 12 books to make it until Christmas Eve so we’re spacing them out) and it was a huge hit! Rylie absolutely loved unwrapping the book and she asked us to read it at least 4 times and she looked through it until she went to bed.


I am so thankful for coming across this idea and doing the prep work to start.




What are you thankful for this week?

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