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bless a family events

Late November, I had the idea to use the Hostess Rewards (which is a term for the amount of money I had “credited” under my name that accumulated with every sale made under that shopping link to spend on a free book shopping spree) to bless a family in need this holiday season. We had reached over $120 worth that I could spend on books to give a family.

Through a member at my church, I heard about a family that I immediately felt needed this blessing. The recipient of our very first “Bless a Family” event is Brayden – a little boy whose family recently moved from out of state (a struggle that I know well) and not long after found their young son has cancer. My heart ached for this family and I couldn’t help but reach out and tell them I wanted to gift their family some books as a Christmas gift. I asked what Brayden’s current interests are, and his mom said animals and dragons 😉

I received the books in the mail yesterday and got to look through them last night. I tried to give him a variety of books within his interests – activities, stories, and something he can do with the other kids he befriends at the hospital.

I am so beyond excited to get these to Brayden! You’ll notice that Rylie is in the picture as well haha she insisted on being in the picture and kept saying, “rawr!” while pointing at the tiger 😊


Books we’re giving Brayden:

Busy Train Book
Shine-a-Light ~ At the Hospital
Shine-a-Light ~ Secrets of Animal Camouflage
Dragon Post
Animal Detective by Bear Grylls
Christmas Doodles

I’m going to include a few more things in their package but I wanted to show off the books we selected. My heart is so full knowing that I get to bless this family while they walk through such a hard season.


I told God that this is what I want to do. This is how I want to run my business. If I can continually be giving away books to families who need someone to show them the love of Christ, I want to do that.


With that, I wanted you to know that I will have a shopping link open every month titled “BLESS A FAMILY.” If you want to purchase books as a gift to friends & family or sign up for my monthly book box to help grow your home library, all the money you spend on books for your own family will also fund a shopping spree for a family that would be blessed by some extra gifts, love, and connection.

You can shop anytime by clicking this link – SHOP HERE!


I am so excited for what 2019 is going to bring.

Now let’s go bless some families!

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