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highlands Christmas service 2018

Christmas at Highlands is one of my favorite events of the year! They always outshine the previous year with talent, creativity, songs + our pastor’s message and this year was no exception.


As a tradition, we reserved seats for the Tribe to attend together at the main campus a few days before Christmas as the Sunday + Christmas Eve service times are not an option because we are all so heavily involved at our campuses. We got there early to check the girls into their classrooms and get the best seats we could.

Before entering, they gave everyone a worship guide (that explains what the church is about) and a cookie! Yum.


Of course, the service was phenomenal. Full of laughter, classic Christmas songs and an outstanding message. As is tradition, they ended the service with a candle lighting while singing “Silent Night.”


Following the magical event, we took some pictures in front of the photo booth station.



But one of the funniest events of the night was Rylie’s cup. There were hot chocolate booths which most of us partook of. Rylie wanted some, but given the time and temperature of the drink, Aaron filled a cup with whip cream.




But the best part was when Amberlyn was taking a picture with Rylie…


…and then the cup was dropped 😛


Merry Highlands Christmas!


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