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our family Christmas card journey

It’s kind of funny to think that anyone has a Christmas card journey – but you do. For example – here is ours:



1st Christmas married – we mailed Save The Dates, Wedding Invites + Thanks Yous all within the first half of the year and I was done. We also had included a wedding picture in our Thank You cards so I felt like that was a sufficient early Christmas card 😝




We had recently moved to Alabama and didn’t have the extra money.




Rylie was a month old and I was very much in survival mode so it didn’t even cross my mind.




We purchased our home the week before Christmas, so all of our extra money went towards that endeavor. But I did create a blog post Christmas card 😉




Like previous years, we weren’t planning on making a paper Christmas card, instead making another digital one. But a week into December we received a couple cards and I decided I really want to try to make it work. I found a one-day sale through SAM’s Club where you got 100 cards (with envelopes) for $15 with 24 hour turnaround. We also had a credit on our membership so we used that to pay for the cards. When it came to postage, I recently came across multiple books of forever stamps leftover from our wedding 4 years ago. So we basically sent Christmas cards for FREE!!!! 😃 Talk about maximizing our resources.


Not bad for a decision that was made in 48 hours 😝


Anyway, we hope each of you has an incredible Christmas and enjoy every moment celebrating Jesus’ birthday!


-The Shaver Crew

Aaron, Sarah, Rylie & Emmaline Shaver

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