being emmaline, being rylie

random photos of rylie + emmaline – december 2018

Similar to last month, there are fewer “random photos” than usual because December was so packed with photographic moments that pretty much all the pictures I took landed in it’s own post. But here are the random photos I got of the girls in December.




Passed Out


I came home from work one day to find this… Rylie passed out at the table. Aaron had set her up to color while we got ready for our dinner plans that night and she was gone shortly after. 😛


Breakfast Prayers


Saying our prayers before partaking in our oatmeal and yogurt 🙂


Mama + Me


I love this picture! ❤


Farmer’s Hat


Rylie found this hat in our bedroom and gladly put it on 🙂 Little farmer indeed.


Watching “Elf”


Because watching “Elf” with your elf (who we named Buddy) is a great way to spend any night 😉


Morning Books


When you’re the first kid up, you get first dibs on the Christmas book basket haha.


New Bed


We were clearing out our sun-room to prep for Christmas and this inflatable house from her birthday party was sitting in the corner. We originally thought we would put it in the playroom until Aaron suggested it go into Rylie’s room and be her book nook. “What if we put her bed in it?” I asked, and Aaron ran with the idea. He disassembled her crib (which had one side off of it since the summer) and put her mattress in the house. Rylie LOVES it!!! And I’m over here a little jealous because I wish my bed looked that cool 😛


Sensory Gift


Grandpa Peaks sent the girls a present for Christmas and this was Emmaline’s – a sensory water pad. Both of the girls love it and it is definitely a favorite in our home!


Papa + Overalls


One of Rylie’s Christmas gifts from her grandparents were overalls, and we wore them a couple days later when we were at the farm. Her outfit was a big hit 😛

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