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best books + gifts to celebrate valentine’s day

I was so bummed when I had to put our Christmas books away in December. I LOVED having themed books out and found myself almost immediately asking “what is the next holiday I can get books for?”




Although I don’t believe you should only celebrate your significant other once a year (why not do it every day?), I do I think it’s a great time to show some extra love to those around you – including your kiddos.


I love themes, so I decided to get searching for Usborne’s best books for Valentine’s Day. I’ve already picked which one I’m giving Rylie in her monthly Book Box too and I cannot wait to give it to her! 😃


Here are my top picks for Valentine’s Books –


Newborn – 4-years-old

That’s Not My Puppy

That’s Not My Fairy  

Cuddle Bear

Cuddle Bear Hug Academy

I Love You, Hoo  


Lemur Dreamer

I Want To Be a Lion Tamer

Pink Lion

Miss Moly’s School of Manners

5-year-olds – 10-year-olds

Shine-a-Light: Human Body

Here and There

Ella Diaries

Penny Dreadful Cooks Up a Calamity

Chef Academy

11-year-olds – teens

The Call of the Wild

Make Up or Break Up

Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare

The Sword of Kuromori

Uncle Shawn and Bill and the Almost Entirely Unplanned Adventure


Want to focus on the human body and how the heart works? Take a look at all our Human Body books for kids as young as babies and as old as High School.

I’m a sucker for fairy tales, so if that’s more your households theme this Valentine’s, take a look at our Fairy Tale books.



Okay, now that you’ve swooned over our gorgeous books that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, what about your kids’ friends? Oh yeah… all those little Valentine’s you have to help put together for your child’s classroom and friends.


I got you covered there too! 😉


Do something different this year and steer away from the character card-stock cards and cheap candy. Give the kiddos something they’ll use over and over & love (+ the parents will love it too and thank YOU for not giving them more candy)! 😍


Get a pack of wipe clean cards! They are basically white boards on a 6 x 5 ¾ and 4 1/2 x 6 ¼ card with activities on both sides.

We have so many different styles (educational like writing letters, numbers and words or fun and creative). Just add a little dry erase marker and a cute note and BOOM – you just scored “awesome mom” points. 💥 And the best part is it’s only 2 cents per card 🙌🏻 I promise you, you’ll save money!




I know I gave you a lot to look at and think about, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions or need recommendations. I love to help people find the right books for their family!

Also, I would love to tell you how you can get all the books on your wish list for FREE! Just contact me and I’ll give you all the info 🙂


You can email me anytime at –

And make sure you follow my Usborne Instagram – @whereallthingslive



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