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moving update

Like I knew I would be, I am so glad that we announced our move sooner then planned. It has been great to read your responses and have you along for the journey.

With that, here is a little update of what’s been going on around our house lately.


Can I just say that I love this picture! Aaron and I just looking at each other with that “this is crazy” look, Rylie is standing on the couch, boxes surrounding us and my personal favorite, Emmaline sitting in the dustpan which was not staged hahahahahaha!


Purging, packing, cleaning, staging.

All. Day. Long.


Full transparency guys – it’s been hard, exhausting, and overwhelming. We are fully confident in this next step, but it is a lot to accomplish in a very short amount of time with limited funds. But we have a great community around us that has been encouraging, praying and helping us. It warms out hearts!


Prep Work


Rylie has been semi-helpful haha similar to our last move, she’s a lot better at taking things out of the boxes rather then putting them (or leaving them) in the boxes. She also has been acting like every toy I put in the giveaway or storage box is her absolute favorite… which has made it difficult to purge. Thankfully, she wasn’t around one weekend so I did her room and the playroom then. Yay!


The toys I’ve left are Woody, Buzz, Jack Jack + some of our family’s favorite books. Otherwise, it’s all gone to storage until we get into our new house.


When MiMi or Ambam are over watching the girls while Aaron and I work, you can usually guess that The Incredibles are on. Since we’re going through such an intense transition, we’ve decided the extra TV treat is alright 🙂


Moving with young children is a lot. Especially when they both LOVE to be with you. I can usually redirect them with other things while I get something done but Aaron isn’t always so lucky.

For example, while I folded this mountain of laundry, Rylie sat on the bed and colored while telling me who’s article of clothing was whose. She really surprised me and got 99% correct – including what was hers and what was Emmaline’s.


The concept of staging the house to impress potential buyers is a whole new beast to me. Although I moved across the country which makes you sound like an expert, I am no where close.

My moving history is incredibly short compared to others and staging the house was never once included in my experiences so I am learning a lot.

Aaron has suddenly become a designer and has tapped into his Joanna Gaines. It’s been hilarious but the kid actually has some good style. Between the two of us, we’ve created some great areas that we think look inviting. Thank you thrift stores!!!

Our thrift store finds have included:

  • dish set for 9+ seats
  • cloth napkins
  • centerpieces
  • vases
  • coasters
  • old books (1896 is the oldest we found)
  • comforter for our king size bed
  • fake flowers
  • door wreath


Of course, it takes a lot to get the house staged. Aaron did a wonderful job getting us started by moving furniture so when I come home from work I can pick and choose what is absolutely necessary and pack or get rid of the rest.

There has to be a mess for their to be order, and there certainly have been a lot of messes.


Since I’m putting everything through the filter of “do I want to move this?” we have had a significant amount of giveaway items. I’m saving the total number of bags/boxes that we took to the thrift store for the very end, but it’s been a lot.

With every giveaway bag and trip to the trash I can feel the weight lifting and I’m happy to know that everything we’ll be taking has been touched and packed with intentionality.


Yard work has also been a major to-do and Aaron has done an outstanding job tackling it despite this cold January weather.


A friend of ours who has a landscaping business even came over for a few hours to help Aaron with those 2-man projects.



A lot of what we’re doing are things we’ve always wanted to do, we just have never had the time (moved, new baby, work, church, car accident, hand surgery, recovery from hand surgery, weddings, yeah… it’s been busy). Now that we’re actually getting stuff done, it’s a good feeling and I hope we can continue this energy into our new house.


In the midst of all the chaos, our family has continued to do normal day-to-day activities such as attending 21 Days of Prayer, going to work, signing documents, communicating with friends and family, caring for young children, and eating. The kids are very good at reminding us about the last one!


Don’t ask me why Rylie is wearing a coat indoors. Our house was warm but she wanted her coat on. Yes girl, you can wear your coat!


In attempts to save our finances as much as possible and empty our pantry to limit the amount I’ll need to pack, we’ve been eating a mix of well loved recipes, made-up recipes, quesadillas, PB&Js and some other recipes as well. Dinner has provided a nice break for our family to refocus ourselves and determine what needs to be done before going to bed.


Like I said above, we’ve done a lot of cleaning. But Rylie’s feet are always a good tell of how where we missed 😛




Game Time!


On Thursday (1.31.19) we got a text around 9am in the morning saying that someone wanted to look at the house that evening. Thankfully, I was able to get off of work early and help Aaron with those final touches with the house before leaving for the evening. Michelle came over a few minutes after I got home and took the girls so we could focus on preparing the house to be viewed.


We had our first home-showing yesterday! 😄 It was so exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Aaron spent all day getting the house prepared with a toddler who was continually working against him and I got off work early to come help. We cleaned faster than we probably ever have and left behind a plate of cookies before driving away.
This morning I woke up and read Exodus 14:14. “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” What a perfect note from Him. Aaron and I have done our part, now it’s time for us to be still and wait for God to bring the right family into that house who will fall in love with it just like we did. 🙂
Now excuse me while I go get myself a cookie. 🍪

As far as we know, the showing went well. We haven’t heard an offer though.

This last weekend (2.2.19) our realtor scheduled a professional photographer to come take pictures of the house so we could get it listed on all the websites.


Our realtor told us the pictures turned out great and we had done a lot of work since the last time he had come over. Yes. Yes we have. And I’m ready for it to slow down. The house has been staged as best as it can and our non-necessities have been packed and are in storage. Aside from a couple touch-ups, it’s ready for viewings. And  all that’s left to do is wait.


The New House


Since the new house is not legally ours yet, we’ve really just signed some papers and done some dreaming.

There are parts that have been frustrating but we think God is “stalling” the process so that our current house can sell. Regardless, I know it will work out because I am confident that this is the next house God has for us.

I’m sure you are wanting to see the new house, but I’m saving pictures until we’re a little further in the process 😉




Thanks so much for following us along in the journey. Although we know God loves the process, we are looking forward to this being behind us and settling into our new home.

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