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book box – february 2019

I am so glad that we signed Rylie up for a monthly Book Box subscription. It has been so fun to get a sweet book (or books) every month to add to our library.

This month, with Valentine’s Day in the middle, we got her a sweet story to celebrate – Cuddle Bear’s Book of Hugs.


Rylie absolutely lights up when I wrap a book (it stems from our book advent at Christmas time), and since this was kind of a Valentine’s Day present, I decided to wrap it which pretty much made her day. She was so excited when I said, “Rylie, would you like to open a book?”

With an excited face, she said, “open book? OKAY!” and ran to the couch. ❤ So sweet!


Like I knew it would be, the story was adorable and was a huge winner.


The pages and illustrations are big and gorgeous and easy for everyone in the family to see.




I’d say this month’s book box pick was definitely a win!


Are you interested in learning more about the monthly Book Box? You can check out this page to learn more or you’re welcome to reach out to me and ask all the questions you want to 🙂 –>

book box subscription


$15 || 1-2 books

$25 || 1-3 books

$50 || 3-4 books

$75 || 5+ books

$100/quarter || 6-12 books

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