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the wooden train table

A few weeks ago at church, our pastor recommended a book titled “Choose Joy: Because Happiness Isn’t Enough” by Kay Warren.
I love good book recommendations and since it had a lot to do with our family’s word for 2019, I determined it was worth the investment. I decided to drive a little further to Barnes and Noble because I knew they had a kids section with simple toys that would give Rylie some space to play in the midst of my request for her to use her inside voice.

After quickly scanning for the author and finding ONE copy of the book, I took Rylie over to the kid’s area where she instantly ran and picked up multiple books with great excitement. She then discovered the wooden train table and was fascinated. I sat down with Emmaline and watched as my 2-year-old played with a toy that I had fond memories of playing with myself.



My brother and I had a Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train set growing up as well, and I vividly remember covering our whole playroom in wooden tracks and pushing the trains along. It’s a box that our parents kept even when we grew out of it and although that box will likely go to my brother when he has kids, I hope to get a set for my own family.

After watching Rylie play with the trains (she didn’t quite understand that she had to push the trains on the track and I caught her climbing onto the table to get a train she saw that was beyond her reach), I confirmed what I already knew – I wanted to get my kids a train table and train set.




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