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dream team party 2019

One of the best parties of the year happened Friday (2.8.19), and I’m about to share it with you! 😀

To give some background, the Dream Team is what our church calls its volunteers. Church literally cannot happen without these people, whether they’re handing out worship guides (or a bulletin if you were raised in a Baptist church like me 😉), working the lights or watching the kiddos like Aaron and I do, it’s all vital to Sunday service. So the church staff likes to bless us who volunteer with a big party full of food and hilarious entertainment. And this year was no exception!

But before I go too far into this, can I throw it back to all of the Dream Team parties we’ve been to!?




I served students and Aaron was my +1 because he hadn’t completed the Growth Track yet… even though I literally only served 1 week with students because I had just finished the Growth Track hahaha!




We were in Highlands College so we served pretty much everywhere.




Aaron had just accepted the Clubhouse Coordinator (4-6 year-old) position after continually serving there for months and I served in the Nursery.




Aaron is still the Clubhouse Coordinator (and is slaying it by the way 😃) and I serve in Stars (6-weeks to 12-months-old) most Sundays.


Okay, now onto the night…


I scurried out of my office with excitement and drove to meet Aaron and the girls before we dropped the kiddos off at a friend’s house. After getting them situated and thanking our friends for their willingness to babysit, we headed out to parrttayy. 😝

We arrived just as they were opening the food tables, so we were first in line to grab a bite. Jim ‘N’ Nick’s catered and it was delicious.


The events that followed was a mix of hilarious and creative videos, songs and shout-outs to various Dream Teamers and a game of Family Fued.


After an inspiring message from our pastor encouraging us all to bring joy into everything we do because people will remember how we made them feel more than what we did for them, we went into the lobby for cake.


In past years, we’ve received a T-shirt, but this year they gave us mugs instead. Some friends of ours were handing them out and insisted we take more than 2, so we ended up walking away with 6 😛 I promise, they handed them to me! haha.


After talking with a few friends, we headed out to pick up the kiddos. As a “thank you,” we gave our friends each a mug for watching the girls, which they loved! 🙂


Overall, it was a great Dream Team party and I am so honored to serve and make a difference in my community.

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