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25% discount for life

Here are 2 of the best reasons I became a book lady. 😉



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These girls love their books, and I love being able to provide them with fun, creative and educational books. We are all literally hooked on Usborne Books & More!

Whether you’ve been looking to make some extra dollars or you just want to grow your family’s library, let me help you!

This month (February) there is an incredible special going on. If you’ve ever thought about joining the book lady world, this is the time!


I am so excited about the $50 kit of books!!! It’s a crazy awesome deal and you get 8 books worth over $140 for your bookshelves + everything you need to start your business with success.


Important info:

*No minimum sales you have to hit. EVER!
*No certain way to sell them.
*It’s flexible and personal to YOUR STYLE.
*No hidden fees!
*Your shopping site is free your first 6 months and then it’s $8 a month to have it active. You don’t have to keep it active but you will want to because you’ll be earning money off of sales!

This one is my favorite though 😉

*Join for 25% discount for life (that comes back to you on Wednesday’s direct deposit)!

* Join for all the free books (I’ll show you how that works and how you can stock your home library)!


*You don’t have to do Facebook parties (I typically don’t). There are so many other options to get the word out there and honestly, a lot of people (including myself) will create their own event link and use it to order their homeschool curriculum, presents or random purchases for their own kids. All those sales go towards giving them free book rewards which equals a free book shopping spree! Whoop! 😝 PLUS, of course, you get them all 25% off.

*You sell books, you get paid. No matter how much you sell.

*Set up direct deposit and you are paid every Wednesday.

*If you decide to join to work it for $$$ then you’ll be added to a group full of ladies who show you how to work it BIG.

*Maybe you’ve been praying you’d find something that can be your thing. This could be it! I know women who have done this to help pay for groceries, get out of debt, who needed something that was for them but also benefited their family, and it’s even helped some ladies with their post-partum depression.


Regardless if you want to do this as a business or you just want the personal discount, I would love to lead you. 💖

Right now is a PERFECT time to join my Team because everyone is learning the ropes together.

Some are here to work for the big bucks some just want to do this as a hobby, but EVERYONE is excited! It really is a great time to dive in!

Not interested in joining right now but wanting all the books? You can order books anytime! SHOP NOW


I want my business to bless others, so if you know a family that could use some extra loving or know an organization/ministry that might be interested in partnering together to help families and kiddos in need, let me know so we can chat. I absolutely love helping them earn a free book shopping spree.

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