being rylie, the shaver crew

a morning at the zoo

A zoo membership was one of the best investments we’ve made. Not only do you only have to go 3 times to break even, but it also takes the pressure off of seeing everything because you can come back.

Although it was predicted to rain all morning, we woke up to lightly overcast skies and temperatures in the 70’s. After a slow morning, we decided we wanted to get some fresh air and a zoo trip sounded marvelous. A storm was predicted to roll in that afternoon so we packed up quickly and headed out the door.


Rylie wanted to bring Woody and wear a hat like Mommy and Daddy, and we were happy to offer her the recently washed hat Aaron found at the zoo on their last trip.


When we got in, we asked Rylie what she wanted to see first and “ephenant” quickly came out of her mouth. We gladly started walking that way but were stopped to let the train pass by. Rylie, who loves trains, started following it on the track after it passed by. I let her walk a couple feet, took this picture and then gently walked her back to the sidewalk, reminding her that we were going to see the elephants and she quickly got back on pace.




The red panda is a family favorite, and Rylie loved watching it pace back and forth right in front of her.


Last week when Aaron took the girls to the zoo, Rylie desperately wanted to ride the train. As a treat, Aaron decided to purchase tickets (only $3.50 each) to ride the train. We saved this for last and Rylie was ecstatic to be sitting in the train car.



We left shortly after the train ride in hopes of beating the storm that didn’t end up coming until that evening… oh well.

A quick zoo trip worked out well and the girls had a great time!

What is one of your family’s favorite activities to do together?

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