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emmaline – 11 months old

I cannot believe we’re celebrating this one’s first birthday next month. Time sure flew by.



  • Playing with what Rylie has
  • Crawling
  • Walking in the walker
  • Being carried around
  • Big people food (anything and everything)
  • Being upside-down



  • Not being included
  • Not getting the toy she wants that Rylie has
  • Being set down




It threw us off at first when she didn’t chug her 8oz bottle and actually had at least half left over. We quickly learned that she is way more interested in our food so we’re in the beginning stages of weaning her off formula.

Baby food is not even a thing. The girl wants the real stuff 😛


A sleep strike was briefly taken and man am I thankful it was brief!

The strike began with her waking up at 10pm (after being put down at 7pm) and staying up for a couple hours before going back to bed. We adjusted her bedtime to 7:30/8pm in hopes that this would help and it did… until she started waking up at 1:30am and staying up until 3/3:30am. Thankfully this only lasted a few nights before she got back on track and I’m happy to say we sleep all night again! Hallelujah!


All that to say, we have found the most success with pushing her bedtime which she loves.




If you’ve been gone and do not greet Emmaline within the first 30-seconds, she will let you know. Loudly. Sometimes she is content with an acknowledgement, other times it needs to be a kiss and if she’s still going, you better pick her up and hold her.


Although Emmaline absolutely loves to move on her own, she also loves to be with you – by your side, in your lap or in your arms. Basically, she doesn’t want to be left behind for even a moment, so she still likes to be carried around. She just wants to be with you. I have a feeling her love languages are quality time and physical touch.


She loves to play with Rylie, and even though Rylie is a good sharer most of the time, there is inevitably something that Rylie wants to just be hers which upsets Emmaline and the loud fussing begins. Redirecting Emmaline is a safe bet in addition to encouraging Rylie to take turns. It’s a process and one I know we are merely beginning.


Emmaline had a 24-hour fever over the weekend (2.23-24.19) and was all cuddles. She wanted to be held all the time, even for sleep. The furthest she could be from you was right next to you. No further. Thankfully she recovered quickly and I think it was a pre-teething fever. However, we have yet to see the teeth.

Passion is still her main emotion, and we’re already preparing ourselves mentally for the ways this will likely play out in the near future as we approach toddler-hood.



Like I said above, Rylie and Emmaline’s biggest growing pain right now is sharing and taking turns with things. Rylie is quick to want to resolve any and all of Emmaline’s problems and loves giving hugs and kisses. Rylie has also taken a big interest in holding Emmaline on her own, something we briefly allow with a great amount of adult involvement. Emmaline has a love/hate relationship with this new interest of Rylie’s but luckily she finds it funny most of the time.




This month went by so fast for me. Busyness had a huge roll to play in that and I found myself reminiscing to the days when Emmaline was a newborn and I was desperately trying to figure her out. Now she is so lovey and just wants to always be with you. I have a better understanding of who she is, what she needs and I’m planning her first birthday party while cleaning up after her (because Little Love is messy).






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Curious what Rylie was like at 11 months old? Check out her monthly update 😉

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