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25 things i’m currently loving

Today is my 25th birthday, and I thought it would be fun to do a 25 things I’m loving post. Some of the things I just discovered this year and others have been a favorite for a while. Regardless, I’ve never done a post like this before so I hope you guys like it 😊 If nothing else, it shakes up the flow a little 😝


25 Things I’m Currently Loving


  • Pop socket – I just discovered this handy thing this year and it’s a game changer. I love having something to fiddle with and a way to easily prop up my phone. You can get one for yourself here.
  • Farm fresh eggs – I cannot and will not go back to store bought eggs. I can taste the difference now and farm eggs are just so much better!


  • Family time – I absolutely love spending time with my crew!


  • Dates – dates with my man are so good for my soul. It is so easy for us to get caught up in the day-to-day but dates give us a chance to really hear each other’s hearts and grow closer together. It is and probably always will be my biggest advice to married couples.


  • Activities – I love me a good activity. It’s such a great way to get out and create a memory.
  • Board games – I have my classic favorites, but I love learning new games too. Do you have any recommendations? I’d love to hear them. I need something new.
  • Spodify – with no commercials! That part is important.
  • Pixar Movies – Aaron and I say this is “our thing” and I love it. So much so in fact that we had a movie as the center piece of our tables at our wedding. It was so fun and the props / toys we used are now loved by our kids! πŸ˜€ Plus, every year Pixar releases a new movie the week of our anniversary, so our anniversary date usually involves a trip to the movie theater to see the latest flick. It’s so fun and unique.
  • Reading – I’ve found a new love for reading this past year and I’ve got a stack of books waiting for me to open. I’m excited.
  • Blogging – you all know this one πŸ˜› I love blogging. It has become such a wonderful creative outlet for me.
  • Taking pictures – I’ve always loved taking photos, but having kids has made it an even bigger priority for me. I need to get better at printing and framing though. And being in the pictures…


  • Hosting – this last year I really discovered how much I love hosting. It is so much fun for me and I’ve really missed it in the midst of this move.
  • Cooking – ha. I’m working on this one. When I have a plan and time, I love it! But when I’m unprepared or rushed, I do not. Unfortunately, most of the time I have absolutely no plan so I’m working on meal planning this year.
  • Driving stick shift – I learned to drive stick in 2017 and I have surprised myself with how much I enjoy it. I’m still fine driving an automatic, but I always find that it is a little extra fun when I’m shifting.
  • Marco Polo – Aaron introduced me to this app in 2016 but I’ve really started using it this year. It’s basically a video walky-talky which is perfect for my commutes and catching up with friends where texting isn’t as easy (either because they have kiddos all day or there’s just too much to say… or both πŸ˜‰ )
  • Amazon – who doesn’t love Amazon though!? I love that there is pretty much everything and sometimes it’s cheaper than the store.
  • Learning New Things – I’ve really made it a priority lately to learn how to do new things. My goal is one or two big things a year. This year, I’ve really taken an interest to making bread from scratch so I want to perfect that process before I move on to another thing.


  • Lunch Dates – I love having lunch dates with friends. It’s such a nice break in the day.
  • Close Friends – Jesus very clearly had an inner circle of people that he did life with. Of course there are his 12 disciples, but 3 of those 12 were very, very close to him and knew things none of the others knew about the Savior. This has sparked a greater awareness in me of who my close and close-close friends are.
  • Decorating – I’m no Joanna Gaines, but I do enjoy expressing my own style through decorating. Particularly with holidays. I think it makes the environment more homey and fun.


  • Fine-Tip Sharpies – random, but I prefer fine-tip sharpies over fat ones.
  • Big purses – I’ve been drawn to big purses since High School, and the older I get the more practical I see them. Right now, my purse not only contains my essentials, but also a book I’m reading, journal, snacks and sometimes my planner.


  • Puppies – I’m a dog person and I love me some sweet puppies. I’ve thought about getting one a time or two but with two littles, now is just not the best time.


  • Eating Healthier – no, I’m not on some fancy diet or life-choice but I do love myself a good, healthy meal. And by healthy, I mean well-rounded and not junk.
  • Celebrating – I love celebrating things. Big holidays, milestones, friendship-anniversaries, birthdays, etc.


There you go. 25 things I’m currently loving πŸ˜€


As for celebrating my birthday, Aaron and I went on a little date Friday (3.1.19) which was much needed and so refreshing + fun. πŸ˜€

Hope you all have a phenomenal Monday!

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