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starting a garden

I remember asking my dad when I was young if I could have a garden in our backyard to grow fruits and vegetables and he said no because animals would get into it. As I got older, I had no interest in having as little as a flower garden because of the memories of Saturdays consumed with weeding. When Aaron and I were dating, I specifically asked him if he had any desire to have a flower bed and thankfully he said no. For the past 7 years, neither of us have had any desire to garden. When we look at houses, one of the first things we comment on is the amount of yard upkeep it would need. Flower beds included.


Much to my surprise, I was bitten by a bug a few weeks ago and interest started growing in me again to have an extremely modest fruits and vegetable garden. I also thought about how wonderful it would be to have a little flower garden with flowers I could cut and put in a vase in our house or give to friends.


In a passing conversation with a coworker, I mentioned my interest in wanting to start planting flowers at our new house with no previous experience. A few days later (on my birthday even though she didn’t know it at the time), she gifted me some tulip bulbs to plant. She reassured me they took very little upkeep and would bloom beautifully in the springtime.


Unexpectedly coming home with a paper bag full of flowers to plant, I obviously had some explaining to do. To my surprise, I was met with equal enthusiasm about a modest garden and we briefly talked about what we’d want to plant.


I used some birthday money I received to get a pot, dirt and some supplies to plant my new flowers on Sunday (3.10.19). I had high hopes that Rylie would have a desire to be involved so I bought her a little pair of gardening gloves as well.


She showed great interest in the dirt, but the flowers will probably be more intriguing when they are in bloom. I’m really excited to teach her hands on how plants grow and where food comes from.



Nonetheless, I found so much peace at that moment. In gardening. I can’t promise anyone, including myself, how far this will go or that it will be successful. I have very low expectations but I’m hoping it can be a fun, interactive and learning experience for all of us.

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