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moving update update

Friends, I am long overdue to give you a moving update. Life has made multiple unexpected turns lately and blogging has obviously been put on the back burner. I appreciate your patience with me during this season.


Regardless, an update is needed so here you go –
Our house was live on all MLS sites for a week (2.6-13.19) and we had a total of 12 showings and 3 offers. The third offer we received was exactly our asking price and we accepted it. Papers were signed and their inspection and appraisal revealed some work that we needed to get done so we are diligently working on those items with closing scheduled at the end of March.
Since we need to be out before closing, we are temporarily moving into Rick and Michelle’s house so we can empty and clean the house for its new owners. Because we packed all of our non-necessities for the showings, packing this round has been slow until we actually move into Rick & Michelle’s and are no longer using a majority of the items.

It’s easy to read 2 short paragraphs and deem it uneventful, but there are lots of conversations and actions behind the scenes and that is basically the gist of it.
Although the end of the month can seem so far, time is proving to pass quickly. As if packing, moving and cleaning wasn’t enough, we are also preparing for Emmaline’s 1st birthday, birthday party, guests flying into town for the event + the normal day-to-day that keeps us steady.

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