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the best usborne books for easter – 2019

Easter is a little less than a month away, and I’ve been a part of a handful of conversations where mamas are talking about their kiddos Easter basket. I had an absolute blast putting Rylie’s together last year and my favorite part was how simple and practical it was!


I had purchased everything at Five Below except “That’s Not My Bunny” which was the cornerstone of Rylie’s basket.

This books has been loved on all year long and I quickly decided having a book in our Easter baskets was a tradition I wanted to keep.


So while you’re making your Easter Basket list, I’d encourage you to consider filling their basket, bin, umbrella, whatever you decide to do with at least one book. It doesn’t even have to be an Easter Book either! I have loved hearing all the creative themed baskets families do and I’m definitely getting in on the trend!


So here is a breakdown of some books I highly recommend based on theme. Click on the title for the shopping link.


The Reason

easter book box - jesus

Bible Stories

Illustrated Children’s Bible Stories

The Easter Story

Illustrated Bible Stories


easter book box - easter

That’s Not My Lamb

Count to 100

That’s Not My Bunny


Chicks + Bunnies

easter book box - chicks and bunnies

That’s Not My Bunny

That’s Not My Chick

Huch-a-Bye Rabbit

Hush-a-Bye Bunny

Poppy & Sam’s Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Bunny Flap Book

Baby Animals

Are You There Little Bunny?



easter book box - farm

Busy Car Book

Baby’s Very First Touchy-Feely Farm Playbook

That’s Not My Bunny

Baby’s Very First Tractor Book

My First Word Book About Food


easter book box - summer

Busy Car Book

That’s Not My Plane

Who’s Fallen Asleep

Colorful World: Sea



easter book box - garden

Peek Inside: The Garden

Shine-a-Light: Secrets of a Vegetable Garden

Lift-the-Flap First Questions and Answers: How Do Flowers Grow?

Here in the Garden

Little Lift and Look Garden

Wipe Clean Garden Activities

That’s Not My Bee

Lift-the-Flap First Questions and Answers: Why Do We Need Bees?

Garden Sounds



easter book box - activities

Little Sparkley Sticker Book

1001 Bugs to Spot Sticker Book

Animals Magic Painting Book

Wipe Clean Pirate Activities

100 Paper Planes to Fold & Fly

Travel Doodles

Color & Pop-up Dinosaurs

Wipe Clean Vacation Activities


Don’t see your theme?

Send me an email and I’ll pick out some books that fit your kiddo(s) ages.



I’m so excited to share the books I got for the girls baskets this year! And I cannot wait to see the ones you pick out for your family. 😀


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