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move out weekend

Thank you all for your encouragement regarding our recent news. We are confident God has a plan and we are so blessed to have so many people praying for us as we decide what our next steps are.

Although our new home fell through, we still wanted to sell our current house. Aaron’s parents reassured us that we could stay with them until we found something, so that meant last weekend (3.22-24.19) was move out weekend!


Our adventure started Friday (3.22.19) evening shortly after I got home from work. Aaron had picked up a moving truck which turned out to be a game changer (when we moved in we used a friends truck and trailer and took multiple trips). We loaded several boxes that were waiting by the door and Aaron moved some furniture.


Rylie was so excited about the moving truck and loved walking up and down the ramp. “Walking feet!” and “be careful!” came out of our mouths on multiple occasions and there definitely came a time when her judgment went out the window so we said “no more truck.” which did not go over well and we put her to bed shortly after with the promise that the truck would still be there in the morning.


Saturday (3.23.19) came early and by 7:30 am everyone was up, Rick had come over and Amberlyn was on her way (Ryan had planned to assist but came down with a fever). Rick and Aaron were on loading duty and Amberlyn and I were on packing and kiddos duty. We were actually very productive before taking a break to surprise Michelle at a breakfast diner – a plan Rick had hatched as an anniversary surprise.

After breakfast, we all went back to the house and did more packing and loading. I took more videos than pictures during this time, so I’ll let you enjoy this vlog 🙂

While the men were wrapping up loading the truck and deciding what would be left behind for a second trip, Michelle, Amberlyn, the kids and I drove to the farm where we unloaded our cars, said “bye” and “thank you!” to Amberlyn who needed to get going. Michelle and I loaded up the kids and drove to a nearby storage unit where I signed up for a unit so we had a place to store our household.

As we were leaving, we looked at the clock and realized it was dinner time. Mexican was a unanimous decision (between Michelle and me haha) so we stopped at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants for a quick dinner. Rylie was way more interested in the chips and salsa than her meal and Emmaline was all about the chips and refried beans.


I’d also like to take this moment to point out that Ryle’s friend, Woody, joined us and Rylie insisted he needed to sit in my lap the entire meal. Ha! Life with a toddler is so fun!!!! 🙂


After dinner, Michelle and I took the girls back to the farm and I got Emmaline ready for bed. Rick and Aaron were surprisingly not far behind us and we helped them bring in the furniture that we needed. To save time, we shoved everything in their living room with the plan to properly distribute later.

With some convincing, Aaron got Rick to make one more trip to the old house to load the remaining furniture. By this time it was past 9 pm and I was surprised but understood Aaron’s determination. They headed out and I made our bed that Aaron and Michelle had moved into our new room before taking a shower and crawling into bed myself.

I slept terribly, and Aaron didn’t get in bed until after midnight, only to wake up again at 5-something to serve at church. I woke up exhausted, and I knew Aaron was worse off than I was.

The girls and I went for a service and came back to do some organizing and unpacking. Knowing when Aaron was done with the church he would be taking the moving truck to unload at storage and then return it, Rick, Michelle and I unloaded what I knew was staying so Aaron could just jump in and go.

We also got everything out of the living room which I considered a big accomplishment.


After a quick change of clothes, Aaron and Rick left to make the final drop off and Michelle and I did some more rearranging and organizing.

Meanwhile, Rick and Aaron unloaded the moving truck into storage, returned it and went back to our old house to finish up a project. Thankfully, they were done way earlier than the night before and they got ready for bed a little after 9 pm.


All in all, the weekend was exhausting for everyone but very productive. All our stuff is out of the old house and we have a few days left to clean it before we sign it over to its new family later this week.

As for what we moved, there is lots more to do in the sense of organizing but that is going to be a process which we are okay with.

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