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the final touches to sell our first home

We’re closing on our house this Friday (3.29.19) and it has been gas pedal all the way down for the Shaver Crew since Saturday the 16th.

Packing and moving out took a chunk, but what has really consumed our time are some repairs that needed to happen for the buyer to get their FHA loan. Their lender listed several items that needed to be repaired on the house prior to granting them the loan, so after some financial negotiation with the new owners, we started working on the list.

Rick and Michelle came over to help for a few hours on Saturday (3.16.19). I was on kid and food duty which meant I had to keep the kids indoors (this is actually a lot harder than it sounds!) and put the Papa Murphy pizzas in the oven.


Meanwhile, Aaron and Michelle took care of some painting that needed to be done while Rick replaced a few boards.



Once I figured out how Rylie could stay indoors and still see what was going on, I tried to make her as comfortable as possible, including dinner 😛


Throughout the week, Michelle came over after work so Aaron could get started on something and once I got home, Michelle joined Aaron for a couple hours while I took care of the girls.


On Wednesday (3.20.19) I really buckled down while Aaron was at a meeting at church and walked through each room to assess what needed to be packed.


Basement – furniture
Rylie’s room – needs to be packed
Bathroom – nothing
Emmaline’s room – furniture
Living Room – light packing but mainly furniture
Kitchen – needs to be packed
Dining Room – furniture
Master Bedroom – light packing but mainly furniture
Master Bathroom – needs to be packed


Knowing I had about an hour to work before I needed to bathe the girls and get them to bed, I decided to pack up Rylie’s room (which was mainly clothes, books and her wooden kitchen). Everything else is furniture and easy to move out.


Thursday (3.21.19) I packed up the kitchen and with the moving truck in our driveway Friday (3.22.19), we basically were speed packing every other room in the house that wasn’t ready. I tried to be as organized as possible, but there are a few boxes that are labeled “MISC.”


Rick and Aaron finished a huge project on Sunday (3.24.19) and on Monday (3.25.19) we discovered that a lot of the work we thought we had to do wasn’t necessary so that was a huge praise! Tuesday (3.26.19) Michelle came over and helped wrap up some last minute painting which left only ONE project left to complete which will get done tonight (3.27.19). The inspector is coming back out tomorrow (3.28.19) to confirm the work and give the thumbs up to the new owner’s lender so they can get the loan and we can proceed with closing this Friday (3.29.19).


We’ve learned a lot through the process of selling a house and it definitely requires more thought and energy than I gave it credit. But this guy! He has worked late nights and early mornings to get our house ready. His determination is like a wild fire, literally unstoppable. I’m so proud of him and his creativity and work ethic.


As of right now, we still have one project and some cleaning to do in a couple rooms but the majority is done. We can see the finish line clearly and we’re pushing hard to cross it.

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