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books I read in January, February and March 2019

This year I’ve decided to make more of an effort to actually read books in addition to listening to them. So in these roundup posts you’ll see a mix of both.

All of my spare time understandably went towards the move, so I didn’t get to read / listen as much as I wanted to but here’s what I did get to.




I started reading a hard copy of a book but didn’t finish it within this month.




  1. The Vow by Kim Carpenter

The Vow is a movie I saw when it released in 2012 and was fascinated when I found out it was based on a true story. 7 years later, I’ve finally read the book and was remise for not reading it sooner. It was a lovely book and a wonderful story about a couple’s unwavering faith in God in the midst of a tragedy. Although Hollywood adjusted the story, the husband and wife were heavily involved in the film and agreed to all the adjustments trusting that the movie would lead people to their book where they unapologetically share how their faith kept them going.


The story is about Kim and Cricket Carpenter who after just a few short weeks of marriage endue a serious car accident that leave them both needing extensive medical attention and Cricket missing the last 1 ½ of her memories, in which time she met and married her husband. Devastated by the news that his wife has no memory of him, the couple has to walk out a journey that puts the vows they made to each other to the test.

This book has been on my shelf for years and I never got passed the first chapter. But with a new determination to read a books in their original hard copy in addition to books on tape, I was differently motivated and I wanted to gain Lysa’s wisdom. This book was charming, funny and had so many “wow, that’s good!” moments. My favorite one was “if you’re saying yes to something, you are saying no to something else.” That something else ranges from other plans, time with your family and in some cases, your sanity. I highly recommend this one!




I started reading a hard copy of a book but didn’t finish it within this month.

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