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a letter to our first house

Dear our first house,

I realize it’s weird that I’m writing you a letter. But I’ve learned that this is the best way I can process my feelings so… humor me.


It hit me differently on Monday (3.25.19). I don’t know if it was having to wake up earlier because my commute time doubled or getting the okay from my boss to leave work early for closing on Friday (3.29.19), but it was like a new light switch was turned on and I wasn’t sure what to do with the light that was shining.


I know selling you was our next step, but it’s still bittersweet to let go of the 4 walls that our daughter took her first steps in, that welcomed our second child and gave Rylie her first skinned knee. It’s hard to say goodbye to a place that brought us so much peace and comfort.


But, like Aaron pointed out to me countless times, it can’t really be called “your first home” if you never leave it, and we moved in knowing we would move out someday. I guess I thought “someday” was going to be much later.


I’ve been distracted with overwhelming to-do lists and desperately praying the right family would see your quirks and fall in love with them just like we did, and from what little I know about the family moving in, I could not be happier! I am so excited for them and I know you are going to fit their needs and desires wonderfully.

The last few days I’ve been watching a memory reel in my head of the last year and all the sweet and not so great moments inside your walls. And at the end of it, I saw a picture of all 4 of us waving goodbye. I know it probably sounds silly and staged, but it is a way of saying “thank you.” So here it is –


Thank you for the memories! I’m thankful for the hardwood floors that made it easy to clean the food that fell off the highchair. I’m thankful for the oven that made delicious chocolate chip cookies. I’m thankful for the soft carpet in the living room that gave Rylie the confidence to take her first steps.


I’m thankful for the mother-in-law style basement that we could rent out to a friend and earn some extra money. I’m thankful for the windows at the top of the vaulted ceiling that allowed me to see the moon as I laid on the couch with my newborn.


And the 2 Christmases I couldn’t sleep in and I watched the sunrise peep through the forest in our backyard.

I’m thankful for the things you taught me and the way you kept us safe from severe weather. Now you’re going to make some new memories with a new family. You’ll be good for them like you were for us.

In a few hours we’re going to sit at a table with our realtor, a stranger who has a big stack of papers and across from us will be the sweet newlywed couple that will be moving in this weekend. Both families will sign their names dozens of times and when the last paper is signed, Aaron and I will slide our keys across the table. And we’ll be done. And I’ll probably sigh really loudly when I get in the car to leave and fight back tears. And I’ll probably have to consciously think not to get off the Oxmoor Road exit when I’m done with work that Monday. And I’ll probably wonder how the new family set up the rooms or if it’ll take them 7 months to meet the neighbors across the street as it took us. But my favorite part is that I know you are helping a new family thrive. That they’re making memories and maybe they’ll bring home a baby to your 4 walls someday. Because those 4 walls, even though they’re quirky, are where memories are made.

Thanks for everything! Goodbye house.


-The Shaver Crew

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