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letters to emmaline || 12 months old

Dear Emmaline,


You are not at all what I expected. I don’t think anyone could have imagined the dynamic you add to our family. I love that you bring attributes to our crew that we didn’t have before. It’s hard to imagine we ever did life without you because you bring so much passion and emotion to the day-to-day.


Daddy and I called you our “predictably unpredictable” child for a long time because right when we started to find our rhythm with you, you’d switch it up. We could always expect the unexpected with you, and that hasn’t changed. You’ve been full of surprises and I can tell you will keep us on our toes in ways Rylie never will. A perfect example of this is how I left you in the living room playing and I walked up stairs only to turn around and find you emerging from the stairs and crawling across the floor behind me as if you’ve done it a million times. There’s nothing more shocking than a little person appearing somewhere you did not expect them.


I won’t lie to you and say it’s been an easy year, because it hasn’t been. Between sleepless nights, inconsolable tears, eating habits and deep feelings, it’s taken time for us to learn what works for you. And we’re still learning. You have taught me so much about mommy-hood and parenting. God and I have had lots of talks, especially in those early months, about you and he gave me so much wisdom that truly made me a better mom to you.


But I love the way you have completely captured our hearts with your sweetness, cuddles, love, desire for physical touch and “let’s shake it up today!” attitude. I truly know that God made you the way he did because of the world you will have to endure as you get older. The strength and determination you have will be greatly needed and the way you feel so deeply will impact thousands. I am honored to be a part of these early years where I can help you channel them to use them to further God’s kingdom.


The road ahead is bright for you, Little Love.

I love you!



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