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telling close family and friends


One of our favorite parts of pregnancy is announcing it, especially to close family and friends. What made this one extra unique is that absolutely no one was expecting it. We had been pretty open about wanting more kids, but we had been very adamant that we were waiting a little bit and giving ourselves time to find a rhythm as a family of 4 before adding a 5th. So when we shared the news, everyone was surprised but ecstatic.


Amberlyn + Ryan


They were the first ones we told because work had them missing tribe night for a majority of the month. We told them as we were wrapping up an impromptu dinner with them and Amberlyn literally freaked out!


Rick + Michelle


Aaron and I were playing around with some ways of telling them when we landed on an idea that had to be done at a restaurant. Instead of waiting for our normal Thursday Tribe Night, Amberlyn and Aaron determined if we did it on Monday, Ryan and Amberlyn could come and watch the reaction so we made plans that night with everyone to eat. Our plan was to ask for 1 extra seat than we actually needed, and if they didn’t catch it, I was going to ask for 2 of almost everything – cups or water, plates, etc. and say “I’m eating for 2.”

Although we had arrived early, not everyone was on time and, quite frankly, Rick got impatient and asked for a table on his own without waiting for everyone. So there went that plan. In the meantime, Aaron decided he was just going to pray for the meal and would slip something into the prayer. I agreed that was fine and we waited for everyone to sit down before Aaron said, “okay let’s pray real quick!” and immediately jumped into the prayer. Because Ryan and Amberlyn knew, they prayed with eyes open and phones out to video the reaction, which was priceless.


Close Friends

We told various close friends by slipping it into normal conversations, which made it humorous for us to watch their face go from relaxed to a really intense “wait, what!? Are you serious??”




My mom already had plans to come visit us at the beginning of April to celebrate Emmaline’s birthday with us, and since I would be 13 weeks, we decided to hold off posting it online to give my mom the opportunity to find out in person vs. over the phone like we did with both the girls. This also allowed us to fully celebrate Emmaline before sharing the news, which was important to me.

Although the video shows her delayed response, she was running off of 2 hours of sleep so I totally understand why it slipped past her. But once she did catch it she was really excited!



I told my brother over a FaceTime conversation, so I didn’t get to record his reaction but it was hilarious. I told him we were pregnant and he said, “AGAIN!?” 😛 hahaha of course he offered a congratulations and we started talking about a potential visit around the time the baby would arrive which I would love!




When it comes to pregnancy announcements, I feel like words just don’t do it justice. So here is a video of our reaction AND our family’s reactions when we told them.

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