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bump update :: week 4-15

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know what’s coming…



I have done these with both of the girls and it has been so much fun. Not only during my pregnancy to really take inventory, but I’ve found they are also super fun to look back on.


I hope you enjoy reading the early stages of my pregnancy with baby #3 🙂




Week 4:


Symptoms :: I get a little nauseous if I don’t eat, so I find myself snacking a lot. I’m also more thirsty.

Food Aversions :: Nothing specific

Food Cravings :: Nothing specific, but water is always a good call haha

Sleep :: It’s pretty normal.

Looking Forward To :: Being able to tell people! Right now Aaron and I are the only ones who know (and Rylie & Emmaline too).

Baby Purchases :: Nothing

Fun Stories :: The morning I confirmed we were pregnant, I walked over to a cabinet that I knew had prenatal pills in it and said, “well, I guess I better start taking these again.”

I also thought it was funny that I just made the last payment for our doctor bills with Emmaline’s pregnancy.




Week 5:

Symptoms :: Thirsty, occasional nauseousness (that usually goes away if I eat something) and tiredness.

Food Aversions ::Nothing specific.

Food Cravings ::Jim ‘n’ Nick’s cheese biscuits

Sleep :: During the night, it’s normal. But I have super weird dreams and I wake up exhausted every morning.

Looking Forward To :: Sharing our news with family and friends.

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: We told Aaron’s family and some close friends this week. It’s been so fun to see the surprise on their faces followed by pure excitement!




Week 6:

Symptoms :: Nauseous, but only if I don’t eat. I figured out that I have to eat literally every single  hour to keep from feeling nauseous. And baby does not like meals so I started grazing throughout the day and it liked that much better.

Food Aversions :: Meat. And sweets didn’t sound good but I did have a couple things and it was fine. Bacon smelled disgusting and chicken did not settle well at all.

Food Cravings :: It’s literally as I see it. It’s either a “wow! That sounds delicious!” or “Ew, that’s disgusting.” haha but some particular cravings this week was ChickFilA fries, doughnuts and fruit.

Sleep :: My goal every night is to go to bed before 9pm. I never get up when my alarm goes off in the morning, I usually lay there for another 30 minutes before actually getting up. I sleep great though. But I do get up to go to the bathroom a couple nights.

Looking Forward To :: My doctor’s appointment!

Baby Purchases :: nothing.

Fun Stories :: I have a friend that I talk to literally every single day on the Marco Polo app. Our families have gotten together a couple times and they are our people. They have 4 kids 6-years-old and under and the youngest two are Rylie & Emmaline’s age. I knew she would be ecstatic about the news, but I refused to tell her through Marco so I finally saw her at church and I totally pulled her to the side and asked for her advice on adjusting to 3 kids from 2. “Wait, WHAT? Are you serious? Are you pregnant??” haha it was a great reaction and I loved every second of it. Ever since we told her and her husband, she has asked me every single day how I’ve been feel during these yucky days and she has been so sweet and caring to me as she listens to my pregnant rambles.




I’m skipping 7 because when I went for my doctors appointment, they told me based on the baby’s size, I was 8 weeks. So… yeah.




Week 8:


Symptoms :: I have never felt so nauseous during pregnancy. It’s so weird and I’m so over it. Eating keeps it at bay but I’ve learned that heavy foods do better than light foods. Water is a must and I wish I usually go to bed between 8 and 8:30pm. My friend (that I referred to last week) recommended lemonade or sour types of food so I’ve had lemonade a lot and it helps a bunch!!!

Food Aversions :: Meat is ify at best. Most of the time I avoid it, but for the sake of protein I’ll force myself to have a couple bites which I can usually handle okay.

Food Cravings ::Chick-Fil-A salad, rice

Sleep :: I have no problem sleeping. I don’t feel tired during the day but once I lay in bed I never want to leave. And I still have weird dreams.

Looking Forward To :: Feeling better!

Baby Purchases :: Nothing

Fun Stories :: At my confirmation appointment, the nurse read my name and said, “Sarah Shaver?” with excitement and surprise. When she saw me she said, “Hey girl!” and I asked if she remembered me and she said, “of course! How are you?” Aaron said he could tell it was genuine and the doctor said she remembered us too which I thought was sweet.

We got to see our nugget on the screen and hear its strong heartbeat that was 158! My doctor said the baby looked phenomenal and the heartbeat was very strong and healthy. Everything looked great and my doctor told me to drink lots of water and eat small meals throughout the day since I was feeling so nauseous. With the size of the baby and since I wasn’t having regular periods before this pregnancy, she told me I was actually 8 weeks vs. 7 like I had thought. This obviously moved our due date and it is now October 1st, however my record to date shows early deliveries so I’m sure we’ll end up with a September baby.

Overall, they were excited to have me back and go through this journey with us again.




Week 9:


Symptoms :: My doctor’s comment of “everything will happen sooner” has begun to ring true – starting with a bump (more below). Eating has gotten slightly easier this week but not much. I still need to eat constantly to feel okay but my pickiness has gone down. Exhaustion hit hard the second half of this week though and I can’t be in the car very long without feeling nauseous.

Food Aversions :: Nothing comes to mind but I have gone “eh” to a few items.

Food Cravings ::  Turkey sandwich

Looking Forward To :: Seeing and hearing our baby’s heartbeat again at my 12 week appointment

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: We’ve been taking this pregnancy a lot slower than we did the girls, so the beans are still slowly being spilled about our news. This week we told my childhood best friend, my bosses and a friend in Seattle.

Also, I was getting ready on Sunday (3.3.19) and I was putting on a pair of pants when I looked at my stomach and asked Aaron to look at it. “Does this look like a bump to you? Or is this from Emmaline?” (side note: although I lost a lot of weight with Emmaline, I still had a small belly pouch from my pregnancy with Little Love.) Aaron looked at it and I added, “I feel like it looks fuller.” He agreed and reminded me that the doctor did say that everything, including a bump, would happen sooner. “I have noticed that my muscles have been crampy and feeling sore lately. I assumed that meant I was loosing weight but I guess not.” 😝 All that to say, a bump has already started.




Week 10:


Symptoms :: Exhaustion hit me hard this week, even though I get 9-10 hours of sleep every night. Thirst is still a thing and I have to eat multiple times a day to keep myself feeling well. And long car trips when I’m the passenger (over 30minutes) makes me nauseous.

Food Aversions :: Nothing specific, but things just don’t always sound good.

Food Cravings ::  Chicken + Dumplings, turkey lunch meat, KitKat Bar.

Looking Forward To :: Feeling 100% again.

Baby Purchases :: A pack of long-sleeve plain white baby onesies. Since baby is due in the Fall and plain white onesies are gender neutral (+ I love them), I couldn’t pass up for clearance price.

Fun Stories :: We were on our way to Tribe Night and I was not feeling great (I had been in the car for a while) so I was holding my head and trying to rest. From the backseat, Rylie asked if I was okay. “Yeah, I’m okay baby. The baby is growing.” Her eyes lit up and she said, “baby?” with a big smile and lifted her shirt under her carseat straps and patted her tummy. “Do you have a baby in your tummy too?” I asked and she happily nodded.




Week 11:


Symptoms :: My face decided to catch onto the pregnancy-acne train and my skin tone also looks more uneven and splotchy, so that’s wonderful. Also, the bump is slowly becoming more and more noticeable… 🙂 My thirst level seemed to never cease too but nausea started to decrees so that was wonderful.

Food Aversions :: Chicken Nuggets

Food Cravings ::  Grilled cheese, Reese’s Easter Egg candies

Looking Forward To :: Seeing our baby again at my 12 week appointment

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: I’ve noticed it’s been harder to carry the girls as their leg hits my growing bump perfectly and it’s extremely uncomfortable. But I can’t explain that to a 1 and 2 year old, so we’ll see how well this goes…




Week 12:


Symptoms :: I’m tired, and it’s starting to show on my face. You know what else is showing, my bump!!!! There’s no hiding it unless I’m wearing Aaron’s shirts.

Food Aversions :: Chicken Nuggets

Food Cravings :: Mexican

Looking Forward To :: Telling my Mom when she comes into town next weekend (3.30.19).

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: I was hanging out with the girls in the living room and something about my little bump caught Rylie’s attention and she came over to me, patted my belly. “That’s the baby. Do you think the baby is a girl or a boy?” and with no hesitation and full confidence, she said, “baby sister!” I laughed, knowing she only said it because she in her mind that is the only option (what are baby brothers? 😛 ) so a couple days later when I was talking about my doctor’s appointment over dinner to Aaron, I realized he hadn’t heard of Rylie’s prediction. I said, “Rylie, do you think the baby in Mama’s tummy is a girl or a boy?” “Baby sister.” She said again with confidence. “No. Brother!” Aaron playfully corrected through his chuckle. With a serious point to the bump and a slight head tilt, “sister!” was repeated intensely. “She doesn’t know,” I giggled. “I know,” Aaron said, “she’s only saying it because of Emmaline.”




The first trimester was so different than it was with the girls. I’ve never been so nauseous and food was a bigger struggle than it has ever been. A friend recommended I try lemony things so I had a lemonade every day and that actually helped a lot.

My emotions were a beast I could not control (I cried so often) and I really wasn’t interested in leaving my house most of the time because I just wanted to stay in sweats and sleep or rest.




Week 13:


Symptoms :: Moving over the weekend, for as little as I did, definitely took its toll on my body and Monday & Tuesday I found myself occasionally getting sharp pains in my belly when I moved so I did my best to limit the amount of movement I did at work and drink a lot of water.

I felt super sick on Saturday (3.3.19) which I think was a combination of not enough food, not enough water, a desire to rest (and not resting) and me getting the 24-hour-flu that seemed to be making its way through the house. Luckily I never puked, I just felt incredibly nauseous all day!

Food Aversions :: Still not super into the idea of fried food.

Food Cravings ::  Dairy (ice cream, cheese, milk, etc.)

Looking Forward To :: Telling my mom this weekend. Once she knows we’ll post on socials and it won’t be so QT 😛

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: Telling my mom was pretty funny because her reaction was delayed (in her defense, she was running on 2 hours of sleep). I’ll let you watch the video.

I also told my brother over FaceTime and his response was hilarious! “AGAIN!?!?!?!?!” and then he stood up and started pacing 😛




Week 14:


Symptoms :: Really intense and painful pings in my belly &/or pelvis when I walk too much, lift too much, do too much… pretty much don’t sit and chill 😝 It’s the kind of sharp pings that make me stop, grab my belly, bend over and groan just loud enough to freak people out and make them ask if I’m okay all within seconds.

Food Aversions :: Does eating out count? Haha we ate out so frequently last week with being in Illinois for the funeral that I’ve honestly become sick of it.

Food Cravings :: Lemonade. And Subway haha

Looking Forward To :: Finding out the gender.

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: We went out to Cracker Barrel for breakfast with the girls and while we were waiting for a table, Rylie found specific interest in a basket of little baby dolls. There were 3 dressed in pink and 1 dressed in blue. She grabbed it and appeared to love it! Since she keeps calling the baby in my tummy “baby sister” out of pure innocence of not knowing there is such a thing as a “baby brother,” I decided to purchase it for her to help with gender differences. It’s name is “baby brother” and he is very loved and goes pretty much everywhere and does basically everything with us.




Week 15:


Symptoms :: Sleeping has been a bigger struggle this week. And every day between 5 and 7pm I think I feel a kick.

Food Aversions :: Nothing specific.

Food Cravings ::  Nothing specific.

Looking Forward To :: Finding out the baby’s gender! NEXT WEEK!!!!

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: Announcing the news online has been so fun!

I also had a couple coworkers come up to me and whisper “are you pregnant?” When I confirmed they were correct, a  big smile came on their face and they said, “I thought so! But I didn’t want to ask haha.”




Okay, we’re all caught up 🙂 I’ll be posting these bump-dates individually from now on, so keep an eye out for the growing bump 😉

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