being emmaline, being rylie, being the shaver crew - short films

being shaver kids || march 2019

March pretty much revolved around selling our house. Packing, fixing, moving out, closing, all of it.


We did catch some videos in the midst of the moving crazy, and I’m glad we did.


Rylie’s big thing this month (and still) is “Rylie’s turn!” which is basically her way of insisting that she can do it. Whether that’s turning on a light switch or strapping on her diaper, Rylie can apparently do it all. 😛


Emmaline was intrigued by all the busy but was nervous she’d be trampled because she insisted on being held if there was any activity happening. It was only when there was peace and calm that she preferred to crawl and be independent.


Enjoy March’s being Shaver kids video!

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