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book box – april 2019

What I love about our monthly Book Box is that it gives us a fresh variety to our bookshelves. We’ve been wanting more story books and “Let’s Go To Playgroup” was a great and fun addition.


I love the vivid and detailed pictures as well as the sweet story. Rylie also really enjoys telling us her own version of the story just by looking at the illustrations.


Learning to share and play with new friends are just a couple lessons this book encourages which is perfect for our 2-year-old!


This is a great tool to get kids excited about their class or playing with others in general. I’m looking forward to reading this at a play date one day.


Are you interested in learning more about the monthly Book Box? You can check out this page to learn more or you’re welcome to reach out to me and ask all the questions you want to 🙂 –>

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