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baby shaver #3 is a…

It hit me at my 12-week appointment when I saw our sweet baby on the cell phone sized portable ultrasound.

“Who are you?”

Every day I know Rylie is Rylie and Emmaline is Emmaline. But who was this baby? Was it our sweet boy or a precious girl?

The last month of waiting to find out the gender seemed longer than the first 2. I was filled with curiosity while at the same time preparing my heart for that moment when I would officially begin the journey of knowing who this child was.

The morning finally came and Aaron and I met at my work to carpool to my doctor’s office together. After the standard checkup and thumbs up that everyone was healthy, we walked over to the ultrasound side of the office and politely told the tech we’d like her to write it down so we could open it later. She happily showed us our baby’s profile and then turned off the TV to do some snooping and find out if our baby was a boy or a girl.

Once she handed us the envelope, we left the office quickly and sat on a bench just outside the elevators. We situated Emmaline with a snack before hitting record… and this is what happened.

We are so excited!


Aaron and I are very intentional with our children’s names. Always have been. Always will be. We believe there is power in what their name means and we do not take it lightly. Which is why our 3rd daughter’s name is

Paisley Alora

Which means “I am the church, which is God’s light.”


I am so excited to continue this pregnancy journey with you, Paisley! Now let’s get to know each other 😉

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