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easter 2019

I love Easter!

I love celebrating the extravagant love Jesus displayed. I love dying eggs and having hard boiled eggs for days afterwards. I love the Easter best you see families wear to church and I can never get enough of the poofy dresses little girls wear and the mini suits and tiny spiked hair from little men. I love the spring colors and weather. I just love Easter.

Easter this weekend felt different this year, and I think it ultimately stemmed from busy schedules. Our family is in a heavy transition period right now so even my favorite things (like celebrating holidays) can easily get lost which makes me sad but I think what I threw together last minute worked out well and I’m excited to share it with you on the blog today.



Celebrating The Reason for the Season is our family’s #1 priority, and we’re also heavily involved in church which means Easter itself is mainly spent serving others. Which we love! But that means we have to be very strategic in when our family gets to attend service together. This year we chose to attend the 4pm service at another campus after Aaron had finished serving for the weekend. Understandably, by the time service let out the girls were ready for dinner so this was the best picture we got 😊 I love it 😝


Baskets + Breakfast

I honestly don’t remember getting extravagant gifts on Easter. I know one year I got a pink Precious Moments Bible that was also a purse, and maybe a few other times we got gifts but it definitely was not an annual thing. The biggest score was the money we’d find in the plastic Easter eggs my parents would hide. And we always got a $2 bill from my mom.

Since having children I’ve learned a lot about Easter baskets, and I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone does it differently. For the 2 years I’ve made an Easter basket, I’d like to think we’ve got a good style for our family. It could totally change as the years go on and I am 100% okay with that. Our #1 priority is that the kids understand the reason behind Easter. But this year, they’re getting a basket. Not a traditional basket because that sucker would break way too quickly and I’d feel like I was throwing money away. But they’re each getting a few things – an activity + a couple books.



Easter books (Easter Bunny flap book + Bible Stories (with a CD)

T-ball set



Easter books (That’s Not My Chick + Are You There Little Bunny?)


Fork and Spoon set


I also got donuts from our favorite donut shop to share and they were definitely a huge hit! 😃 Rylie loved putting Easter stickers on the box too.





Because Aaron served at church all day, it was a slow day around the farm. I caught up on some laundry, played with the girls and got us ladies ready for church.


Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend!

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