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meet mera

Kylo is gone.


We have a couple theories of what happened to him, but after checking animal shelters and waiting for his return, we’ve concluded the second part of the trio known as “the triplets” (Rylie, Kylo + Rey) is no longer with us.


Being without a dog has felt somewhat unnatural to us, but at the same time has been freeing while in this transition period. Although I’ve had puppy-fever in the past, having a 2-year-old, 1-year-old and newborn on the way has forced me to be logically. “I want a dog! But not right now.” Has come out of my mouth multiple times since Kylo’s disappearance.


But a couple things unfolded within a week that has brought us to this blog post.

For starters, Rick and Michelle’s dog, Alex, was put down on Tuesday (4.16.19) due to his body being completely taken over with cancer. This tragedy left Rex to be the only remaining dog on the farm.

On Monday (4.22.19), Ryan & Amberlyn welcomed a 9-week-old German Shepherd puppy into their family. “His sister is still available,” Amberlyn eagerly informed us. Trying to stay neutral, I waved it aside.

But on Tuesday morning (4.23.19), I got a text from Aaron that I didn’t expect. “What are your thoughts on getting the other puppy?”

I immediately listed all the reasons I thought it was a bad idea to get a dog right now, which was met with “you sure?” “No. hahaha.”

Some more dialog ensued and it became evident that the pros far outweighed the cons I came up with. A big pro is the undeniable fact that Rylie and Emmaline are major animal lovers and Rylie has expressed great interest in caring for the animals around her. We decided this would be a fantastic opportunity to help teach her responsibility and the joy of growing up with a dog.

We ultimately came to the conclusion that adding a new fur baby to our crew was fitting. Aaron even offered a name suggestion which I instantly said was perfect.


From the movie, Aquaman.

Aaron made the call to the gentleman fostering the pup only to find out that another lady was scheduled to pick it up that afternoon. “But if she doesn’t show, I’ll give you a call.”

The remainder of my work day was spent trying not to get too excited but also believing that if we were supposed to get this dog, it would work out.

I drove home and was greeted by Aaron who handed me Emmaline and Michelle, Rylie and Amberlyn were not far behind. I got to meet Hudson, the Benson’s pup and as I was petting him Aaron asked, “so… you wanna go get Mera?”

You have to watch the video (see below) to really appreciate how loudly I gasped and the excitement that followed 😀

I changed me clothes real quick, gave the girls hugs and Aaron and I were out the door with Amberlyn and Hudson not far behind.

We stopped at WalMart to get a few necessities for our girl. Thankfully we had a couple gift cards so we hardly spent anything on the supplies.


It wasn’t long until we were pulling into her foster family’s driveway. They were such a sweet couple and we really enjoyed talking with them. Come to find out, someone they know had the puppies and was planning on dumping them on the side of the road, but this family took them in and has found home for all 8 of them – Mera being the last one.

She was shy, understandably, so Amberlyn brought Hudson over which helped coax her out of the kennel she was refusing to come out of.

While the siblings were playing, I intentionally told them about our family and the little girls that we eagerly awaiting their new puppy. They were so excited to hear about the home she was going to and we thanked them again for caring for her during this in between time.

We said goodbye and parted ways with Amberlyn as well. On the drive home, Aaron and I stopped to use the restroom. While Aaron was inside, I took Mera out to a patch of grass on the leash (something I’m pretty she had never experienced until that moment) and watched her pull and bounce around as she figured out this new harness and leash containing her. I noticed the harness looked a little loose, and just as I thought it, she bounced herself out of it and, realizing her new freedom, started running.


I may be pregnant, but I was not going to lose this dog on the first night! I practically threw myself towards her, landing on my knees and reaching out to grab any part of her. Thankfully, I grabbed just enough fur to stop  her and pick her up. Aaron walked out confused why I was holding her, and then saw the empty harness dangling from me arm. “Oh no! What happened?” We tightened the harness and she got some good pets while I went to the bathroom and then we headed back to the house.


We got home at about 8:30pm and I took Mera inside while Aaron got a kennel for her to sleep in that night. She ate her puppy food so quickly and drank some water before laying on the floor next to me and resting.




When time came for the kennel, she didn’t make a peep and slept all night long.


The next morning I had to go to work, so I received texts throughout the day from Amberlyn (who brought Hudson over for a play date) and Aaron.



Here is a video of the first 24 hours with Mera. Rylie’s reaction is my absolute favorite though! ❤

So friends, I’d like to introduce you to Mera.


Welcome to the Shaver Crew, Mera!

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