easy + delicious mint watermelon bowl

Can I just say that I am totally munching on this snack while typing this post? 😝 It’s so delicious and it’s healthy so eat as much as you want! 😉


What I love about this recipe is there is lots of playing room, which totally fits my cooking style.

Add what you love, take out what you don’t!

Here are the basics –

 Mint Watermelon Bowl

  • Cut up 1 mini watermelon
  • Add berries – any kind – any amount
  • Add a handful of chopped mint
  • Squeeze in 1 whole lime


It’s easy to make, easy to stick in the fridge and you’ll get all kinds of compliments when you share it. 😊 I recently took it to a BBQ as a side and it was a conversation piece 😀




I’d love to see your delicious creation! Tag me on Instagam so I can check it out – @sarahmshaver


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