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bump update :: 21 weeks


Symptoms :: Exhaustion really. And I felt off all week which was a bummer but I chalk it up to traveling to another time zone so my eating and sleep schedule were different.

Food Aversions :: Oddly enough, food in general became a “ugg, do I have to eat?”

Food Cravings :: Ice Cream 😀

Sleep :: Because we had traveled into a different time zone and were sleeping in a bed that wasn’t ours, I feel like I didn’t sleep well. I stayed up later than I usually do and woke up early because to Paisley I had slept in and she needed food. So I was basically always tired.

Looking Forward To :: the rest of this pregnancy.

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: This is the furthest along I’ve been in a pregnancy while visiting Seattle (last time I was pregnant while visiting I was 15 weeks pregnant with Rylie ) so it was a different kind of fun for friends and family to see me in person with a bigger bump.

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