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bump update :: 23 weeks


Symptoms :: Can I be honest? This was the worst week I’ve had when it has come to pregnancy. I got a fever Tuesday night (6.4.19) and the tempature went up and down until Wednesday afternoon (6.5.19) when it peeked at 101.3 and I called the doctor to see what medicine I could take. But just because the fever was gone, didn’t mean I was free and clear. My gums had become insanely sensitive to the point where I couldn’t chew. By Friday (6.7.19) my gum bled even when I gently brushed by teeth. In addition to my sore throat and easily exasperated roof of my mouth, eating had become a none option. Even drinking water was a chore. After rinsing my mouth out with warm salt water and mouthwash (which was incredible painful by the way), I’d like to think I’m on the mend. I did eat a smoothie (PB&J flavored) and I’ve had soup every night for dinner since Tuesday (6.4.19), but it still hurts to chew. All that to say, Paisley still moves around multiple times a day but I am weak as all get out because she is taking anything and everything in my body and without being able to replenish myself like I normally do, I find myself being unable to stand for long periods of time.

Food Aversions :: Everything because my mouth hurts so bad I can’t chew…

Food Cravings :: Anything. I’d just like to eat again haha

Sleep :: I never woke up feeling rested, so I took a nap if I could.

Looking Forward To :: being able to eat again.

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: Before I got sick, Aaron had just begun to be able to feel Paisley move. It’s one of my favorite parts of pregnancy to watch him be able to feel our baby. He gets so excited ❤

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