being the shaver crew - short films, the shaver crew

being the shaver crew || may 2019

May was my first month at home, and it was full!


I’m sure you noticed some gaps in my posts which isn’t like me but adjusting to full time mommyhood has been more challenging than I expected and finding time to blog has proven to be one of the biggest struggles. But I am confident that I will find my rhythm shortly and get back into some flow.


Anyway, since I’m home, I feel like I’m in more videos (Aaron too) so I decided to change the name of these posts from “being Shaver kids” to just “being the Shaver Crew.” I feel like it’s more fitting anyway.


So to highlight May – I came home full-time, Aaron and embarked on being full-time-farmers, Rylie turned 2 1/2, Aaron and I took a trip to Seattle for my Grandfather’s funeral, Emmaline started walking and we got some news that drastically changed our plans.


Okay – here is May’s being the Shaver Crew video!

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