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our 5 pieces of marriage advice

5 years of marriage has taught Aaron and I a lot, and I’m thankful to say that we have had far more good times than bad when it’s come to our days as husband and wife. But life has brought us some high highs and low lows in our first 5 years, and through it all we’ve always come out stronger and better.


While on our 5-year-anniversary vacation, I asked Aaron what his top 5 pieces of marriage advice would be and I wrote them down. I did the same and thought I would share them.
We hope they might encourage and challenge you no matter what stage of your relationship you are in.


Aaron’s 5 Pieces of Marriage Advice

Be submitted to God’s word

Always strive for better communication

Never use the word “divorce”

Have fun and laugh together

Never talk bad about your spouse


Sarah’s 5 Pieces of Marriage Advice

Pray for your spouse daily

Create a “what it means to be a [insert your last name]” and refer to it often

Let them pursue things that they enjoy (if you both enjoy it, even better!)

“Divorce” is never an option, so don’t bring it up no matter how mad you are

Always put your spouse before your kids

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