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letters to aaron || happy 5-year-anniversary

Dear Shaver,

I never had a positive view of marriage. As far as I was concerned, the “we’re tolerating each other and surviving life together” attitude outweighed any concept of joy I thought was supposed to be there. I remember a couple of my friend’s parents saying that their spouse was their best friend, and that made absolutely no sense to me.

And then I met an 18-year-old kid who lived in Alabama who made me laugh, was genuinely kind and had a thing for Pixar movies. We became fast friends and after dating for a few months, I actually believed that I could have a real, happy family.


Fast-forward 7-years and we’re still laughing a lot, going on adventures and growing as we learn and stretch each other in various ways. 5-years has brought us 1 major move across the country, 3 kids, 2 ministry certificates, a house purchase and more joy than I ever thought was possible.


I love what comes naturally to us, and I love that we have areas of growth. I love your quirks and I’m so thankful you love mine too. I am thankful for the example of a healthy marriage we are showing our children and I pray that they find a spouse that respects, honors and loves them just as much as we do each other.


You are my hero, Shaver – and you know why.

You still make me belly-laugh, say “aww that is so sweet of you!” and surprise me with your thoughtfulness. You are so intentional and you lead me and our family with such wisdom and faith. I’ve never doubted that you are pursuing what is best for us and for our family, and that is a trust that gives me the freedom to support any decision you make.


These 5 years have gone quickly and yet slowly – full of surprises, joys, pain and opportunities for us to seek and trust the Lord. I truly wouldn’t want to do it with anybody else!


Happy 5-year Anniversary, Aaron.


I love you. To infinity & beyond.


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