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bump update :: 24 weeks



Symptoms :: Still recovering from being so sick the week before, but I felt like I was on the mend which was encouraging. We also flew out to Hawaii this week so I finally had a chance to rest.

Food Aversions :: I am slowly but surely eating “normal food” again, but I still had to avoid tough and chewy foods.

Food Cravings :: Anything I can eat, really. But there was some food in Hawaii that really caught my attention and I wanted more of. Specifically shrimp and açaí bowls.

Sleep :: The time change was an adjustment (Hawaii is 5 hours ahead of Alabama), but when I was asleep, I was GONE.

Looking Forward To :: being able to eat anything I want again. I have to be so strategic and it’s exhausting.

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: While we were in Hawaii, everyone thought our trip was a baby-moon. They also said they thought this was our first child and were really shocked when we’d tell them this was actually our third. “What!? You guys are so young!” We quickly explained we got married young and had kids shortly after and close together so that was why… it was a popular topic and always provided a good laugh from everyone.

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