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being the shaver crew || june 2019

June seemed to fly by. Of course, shutting down the farm (which meant cleaning and getting rid of all the animals) and then being in Hawaii for 8 days only to come home to jump into Summer Blast (our church’s VBS) definitely helped time go by.


Rylie was full force per usual, learning, running and playing pretend. Her latest thing is an invisible tiger that mysteriously shows up at random places in the house, causing playful screaming, running and a loud “TIGER!”


Emmaline is working on growing her vocabulary which is so fun. “Cu” like “cup” is her current go-to. However, it means a lot more than just cup… so we’re still guessing most of the time haha.


June started out rough for me unfortunately. I pushed myself too much physically and at week 23, my body completely shut down with a fever reaching 101.3 (not a good temperature when pregnant) and my mouth gave me so much trouble I literally could not eat (my gums bled so bad, were super sensitive and the roof of my mouth couldn’t handle any kind of texture). With the help of some medicine, my fever went down within a day but my mouth took 3 weeks to get 100% back to normal. Thankfully, I could actually eat on our Hawaii trip, I just had to be really strategic. Which was a bummer, but way better than eating chicken noodle soup every night for dinner.


Aaron spent the first 2 weeks of June busting his bottom working on the farm to clean it up and then got to relax on our vacation. A few days after we got back (which were mainly spent experiencing jet-lag) we jumped into Summer Blast where Aaron was in charge of the Object Lesson / Craft time. He did an awesome job and got to wear some of the stuff we got in Hawaii.


But my favorite part about June was celebrating our 5-year-anniversary 😀 in Hawaii of all places! 😀 I cannot wait to share the pictures and highlight video with you guys. I have a lot to sort through so it’ll be posted as soon as I can get it done 🙂


Okay – here is June’s being the Shaver Crew video!

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