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panda face craft

July 12th is my grandpa’s birthday, and I guess you could say that panda bears were our thing. So to celebrate his birthday since he has passed, I thought it would be fun to make today panda themed for the girls.


Books: Panda in the Park || That’s Not My Panda || That’s Not My Taller Shorter || Cuddle Bear Book of Hugs || My Wild Animal World

After breakfast, Rylie and I did a panda face craft. It was so quick and easy I wanted to share it with you.

All you need is a paper plate, 1 page of black paper, 1 page of white paper, a sharpie, scissors and tape.


* Cut out the shapes (I didn’t use a template, I just freehanded it)


* Fold the tape and place it on the back of the paper and stick it to the plate

* Use the sharpie to draw dots for eyes. You can also use googley eyes if you have them handy


Ta-Da! 🙂

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