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letters to paisley || 28 weeks in my belly

Dear Paisley,


Oh sweet baby girl, these 28 weeks have gone by so quickly. I can hardly believe you will be here in 12 weeks (give-or-take).

There is so much I want to share and so much I want to keep private in my heart, but how selfish would that be!? You deserve to know the season of life I was in while you were in my tummy.


These 28 weeks have not been easy on me – physically or emotionally. But God continues to show me His goodness in it all and I have so much faith that you are coming for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). I find so much joy in imagining the little, squishy bundle I’ll get to hold and care for in just a few short weeks and the calling God has placed on your life. You will no doubt move mountains, Baby Girl.


There is so much anticipation around your arrival. Your big sisters are ready to meet you too. Rylie is all about “Baby Playsley” and loves to give you hugs and kisses through my belly. She pats my stomach and talks to you often. Can you hear her?

Emmaline on the other hand is rougher as I’m sure you’ve noticed. She likes to climb, elbow and knee my belly in the effort of arriving at her desired destination. But despite her abruptness, I know she will be transfixed with you and give you lots of tight and loving hugs.

Your family loves you so much Baby Girl! We can’t wait to meet you.





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