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bump update :: 28 weeks


Symptoms :: I feel lots of activity from baby girl this week! She’s busy busy busy. I also found out at my last doctors appointment that my iron is really low so they want me to start taking an iron vitamin. This explains why I feel “off” a lot and need to sit down and eat something.

Food Aversions :: nothing specific

Food Cravings :: Popsicles

Sleep :: I love sleep! And I usually wake up naturally so that is a win. Am I rested? Well, that depends but usually the answer is not really haha

Looking Forward To :: Nailing down what I think I’m doing for maternity pictures. Really need to get going on that one.

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: I was taking my first iron vitamin and Rylie asked what it was. I told her it was medicine for Baby Paisley and she wanted to help. I handed her the little pill and she lifted up my shirt and pressed it to my belly hahaha it was so sweet and funny.

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