being sarah

bump update :: 29 weeks


Symptoms :: We are officially in the third trimester & some third trimester things have begun to happen. Back pain, pelvic discomfort, cramping, whoop! And I can’t see my feet. 😄 Also, my doctor appointments are every 2 weeks now so we’re getting closer!

Food Aversions :: nothing specific

Food Cravings :: Popsicles

Sleep :: I fall asleep so fast but I wake up a couple times a night. Not to go to the bathroom, just because.

Looking Forward To :: I’ve been slowly getting my to do list done (praise!) but I’m looking forward to having it all written down so I can really see what needs to happen.

Baby Purchases :: Nothing.

Fun Stories :: Rylie loves touching my belly and hearing that “xxx” is for or because of Baby Paisley. Emmaline on the other hand is convinced Paisley is under my shirt and suffocating so she insists my shirt needs to be up. She smiles so big when she sees it and happily pats my belly. Both the girls are learning to be gentle with my belly – it’s a very slow learning process 😅

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