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color themed summer fun

July, the girls spent a lot of time doing housework and to-dos, so I wanted to do something fun for them on the last day of July that I’ve wanted to do since I became a stay-at-home mom.

An activity with a theme.

I love themes! Ever since I was a kid, themed parties / activities have been something I enjoy putting together, and now that I have kids – better watch out 😛


We’ve been working with Rylie on her colors, so I thought having a color themed activity (painting) with some yummy, bright colored food for a snack would be a great combo.


Rylie loved the variety of colors and creating her masterpiece. She proudly showed Daddy when he came home from work.


Once Rylie had announced she was done painting, I put their snack together and we read some of Usborne’s books on colors.


I was reminded how much I enjoy this kind of stuff, so I plan to do a lot more of it. I hope the simplicity inspires you to dive in yourself and join us 🙂

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