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bath time struggles and victories

Isn’t it interesting how siblings can be so different?

I don’t have any memories of Rylie not enjoying bath time or water in general. She has always been our little fish and whether she’s splashing in the bathtub or swimming at the lake, she loves it.

Emmaline, on the other hand, the majority of my bath time memories involve her disliking the water and screaming through our attempts to wash her.


But then I had an idea. An idea that has proven to completely revolutionize our bath time.

I pulled out the bath toys and introduced them to Emmaline.


We’ve had many baths since this new addition to the tub and I am so excited to say the tears are limited and easily stopped with redirecting.


Even though the lake is still not on her favorites list, bath time has become something Emmaline greatly enjoys and I am so thankful to see our girl smile, splash and laugh hysterically.


And having a bath time playlist makes it even more fun! Here is our current list:


What struggle are you having with your kids right now that seems impossible to overcome?

I thought Emmaline just hated baths and it would always be that way until I stepped back and thought maybe she just needed to learn bath time could be enjoyable and the toys we had were a great help in redirecting her long enough to see the joy baths could bring.

Whatever challenge you are currently facing, whether it’s with your kids or in your own heart, I’d encourage you to try to step back and look at it from a new angle. You never know, what is a currently a challenge could become one of your new favorite things.

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