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the new wooden train table

Back in February, I wrote a post called “The Wooden Train Table” and shared photos of Rylie playing with a train table and memories I had of playing with the train set I had growing up.

I also shared that I was looking forward to purchasing a train set for Rylie one day.

Several weeks later, I came home from work to a large, long package outside our door. Aaron quickly dismissed that he had ordered anything and I also had not been expecting a package.

We opened this mysterious box to find train table instructions.

With no note saying who it came from and both sets of grandparents denying their involvement, we were shocked. However, we were in the process of selling our house so building this new gift was not an option.

A move and a few months later, we were sitting in the playroom one evening and Aaron looked in the closet where we stored the box and he said, “we’re going to put together the train table.”


It is a great table, and it came with a full set of tracks, a train with a couple of carts + some extra side items for the train to travel to.


Rylie’s interest in trains seemed to peek due to this new addition to her playroom, so I added a few new train theme titles to our home library.


Busy Train Book || Little Book of Train Stories (with CD) || That’s Not My Train || Lift and Look Trains

There are so many great train titles that any young conductor would love. You can check them out here.


Whoever read my post  back in February and chose to bless our family with this precious gift, THANK YOU! Aaron and I are truly overwhelmed with your generosity and are so excited to see the playtime fun and sweet memories that are sure to be birthed from this toy!

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