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my usborne books & more consultant story

I am so excited to share my Usborne Books & More story with you today!

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I know a lot of multi-level marketing companies have put a bad taste in people’s mouths, and I’ll be honest and say after being a consultant for one MLM, I ended up leaving with lots of frustration and swore I would never do anything like that again. But when Usborne Books & More was introduced to me, I saw something different and God gave me confidence that this would be a blessing to many, including myself and my family.






I wanted you guys to hear my voice when I tell you my story, so here is a video sharing how I got into this business and why I love it!

I have so many things on my list that I want to bring to my business, and I am so excited to share them with you as I put the final touches on them!

One thing I launched early this year was monthly Book Boxes. They have been a wonderful way to help families keep their bookshelves fresh and they love receiving happy mail on their doorstep! We love happy mail 😀

Book Box subscription

One of the best parts of being on this team is not only do we get to earn a weekly paycheck, free books and TRIPS (like an Alaskan cruise, Hawaii, etc.) but we also have the opportunity to bring other women along with us to reach their goals. Whether that’s for personal use (use the 25% as a discount for yourself) or build this into a thousand-dollar a month business, you work it how you want to!




* No minimum sales you have to hit – EVER!
* You get 25% off every sale you make. Join for 25% discount for life if nothing else 😉
* Stock your home library full of books that you got for free (I’ll show you how that works)
* Keep it as a hobby or work it for $ and join our mentorship program where we show you how to work it BIG.



Maybe you’ve been praying for something to be “your thing,” something that allows you to make a difference, something to help your family financially – this could be it! I would love to lead you.







Happy 2 Year Anniversary, Where All Things Live!

I want to thank anyone and everyone who has invested in my business! These last 2 years have been full of learning, progress, doubt, fear and success. I am thankful for my continual support system and to God who ultimately owns this business. We’ve got big and exciting things coming guys, I hope you’re ready 😉



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