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best books for 1-year-olds – usborne books & more

I shared with you my current personal favorite Usborne Books & More titles for baby, but there is so much development that happens in the first year that I couldn’t pass up sharing which Usborne Books & More titles I think are best for 1-year-olds.

Best Books for Babies (5)

I love 1-year-olds. Of course there are challenging days but for the most part it is a fun age full of discovering, milestones and developing.

Usborne Books & More provided some fantastic titles that our 1-year-olds have adored and it’s helped them gain some crucial skills and learn about the world around them.

Today, I am so excited to share with you our personal 1-year-old favs. 😀

That’s Not My series || My Wild Animal World || How to Bathe Your Little Dinosaur || My First Word Book || Alphabet Picture Book


Maybe you’re reading this post because your child is turning 1 soon and you already feel like you have too many toys. Ask family and friends for books. I did this with my kids and it has been a wonderful gift! I actually prefer books over toys anyway, so having a wish list to send to them was great.

I’m here to help so let’s chat and we’ll make sure your wish list is full of books that suit your unique little one.


Or do you have a birthday party coming up for a 1-year-old and you’re not sure what to get as a gift or, even worse, worried they already have it? I am about to make gift giving so easy for you! 😁

Just send me a message and say something like – “Hey Sarah! My nephew is turning 1 and my budget is $25.” And I’ll personally shop for you and mail you a box of books for you to gift him. Any age. Any interest / theme. Any budget.😉

Not only will you be arriving to the party with a unique gift that they’ll LOVE, but Mom & Dad will love it too! 😉


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