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paisley’s baby shower

Once we found out baby #3 was a girl, I honestly wasn’t planning on having a baby shower. I felt like I had everything we needed. Then a mama friend of mine with 4 of her own insisted on hosting at least a “diapers and wipes” party. I decided that would actually be extremely helpful. Not long after, my sister-in-law offered to plan the whole event for me – which I instantly took her up on.

Guys, she did a BEAUTIFUL job! I gave her a couple thoughts of what I wanted and she took it from there and produced a beautiful atmosphere that not only captured my style but also made me feel celebrated and loved.

Seriously, if you ever need help planning an event – baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, etc. – call Amberlyn!


We all mainly lived in the moment at the party, so photos are limited but here are the photos from the shower we captured.










I didn’t get pictures with everyone who came, but here are the photos we did get.




Baby Paisley is so loved already!

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